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A unique site listing Martial Arts tournaments across the midwest for fans, competitors, and promoters.  If you have/host or know of a tournament you would like to have listed, go to our Facebook site Midwest Sport Karate News and use the messenger to send us your request.  Details will follow in the response.


Past Tournaments

December 2017
     December 1-2  2017 Year End Nationals   Flyer   Website   Facebook Page (Tyrone, GA)  Map

November 2017
     November 4  Holiday Open Karate Tournament   Facebook Event   Website   Facebook Page (Neosho, MO)  Map
     November 11  Natural State Classic   Online Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Jacksonville, AR)  Map
     November 11  29th Annual American Open Karate Championship   Facebook Event   Facebook Page (Locust Grove, OK)  Map
     November 18  Heartland Jr Tournament   Facebook Event (Springfield, MO)  Map

October 2017
     October 13-14  Music City SMACDown   Online Registration   Facebook Event   Website   Facebook Page (Lebanon, TN)  Map
     October 21  Jr Classic   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Wentzville, MO)  Map
     October 21  Choptoberfest Karate Championship   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Springfield, MO)  Map

September 2017
     September 16  Midwest Open   Online Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Kansas CIty, KS)  Map
     September 30  Columbia Cup   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Columbia, MO)  Map

August 2017
     August 19  Battle in the Midwest   Facebook Page (Mt Vernon, MO)  Map

July 2017
     July 8  Klassic Kup Karate Championships   Facebook Event   Facebook Page (Blacklick, OH)  Map
     July 22  2017 Show Me State Games Martial Arts Tournament   Online Registration   Website (Columbia, MO)  Map
     July 29  Ozark Mountain Nationals Open Martial Arts Tournament   Online Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Springfield, MO)  Map

June 2017
     June 17  Shorin-Ru Pro-Am   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (St Louis, MO)  **New Location** Map

May 2017
     May 6  Arkansas Open   Online Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Jonesboro, AR)  Map
     May 20  Silver Sun Showdown   Flyer   Registration   Facebook Event   Website   Facebook Page (Hazelwood, MO)  Map
     May 20  MAK Classic   Flyer   Registration   Facebook Event   Website   Facebook Page (Springdale, AR)  Map

April 2017
     April 1  American Pro Am   Flyer   Registration   Facebook Page (Evansville, IN)  Map
     April 1  WKU Team Trials   Flyer   Registration   Facebook Page (Evansville, IN)  Map
     April 2  Excel Open   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (South Beloit, IL)  Map
     April 8  Southwest Classic Nationals Karate Championship   Facebook Event (Neosho, MO)  Map
     April 22  American Karate Classic   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Wentzville, MO)  Map
     April 22  Grain Valley Karate Open   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Grain Valley, MO)  Map
     April 23  CMMA Open Karate Classic   Flyer (Hermann, MO)  Map

March 2017
     March 4  Capital City Open   Flyer   Registration   Facebook Page (Jefferson City, MO)  Map
     March 10-11  Tournament of Champions   Flyer   Online Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Bowling Green, KY)  Map
     March 11  American Sport Karate Championships   Flyer   Facebook Event   Website   Facebook Page (Shawnee Mission, KS)  Map
     March 18  Southern Illinois Karate Championship   Flyer   Registration   Facebook Event   Facebook Page (Dupo, IL)  Map
     March 25  Spring Break Challenge   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Cushing, OK)  Map

February 2017
     February 4  Midwestern Open   Flyer   Facebook Event   Website   Facebook Page (Neosho, MO)  Map
     February 4  River City Classic   Website (Council Bluffs, IA)  Map
     February 18  The KC Challenge   Online Registration   Facebook Event   Website   Facebook Page (Kansas City, MO)  Map

January 2017
     January 7  Joplin Eye of the Storm Open   Flyer   Registration   Facebook Event (Joplin, MO)  Map
     January 20-21  AKA Warrior Cup   Flyer   Online Registration   Website (Chicago, IL)  Map
     January 28  Adam Estes Memorial Open   Flyer   Registration   Website   Facebook Page (Tulsa, OK)  Map


Go to our current listing page for the tournaments that are coming soon!